A team of 19 technical officials from 14 countries controls the matches of the European Badminton Championships of Huelva 2018

A team of 19 technical officials from 14 countries controls the matches of the European Badminton Championships of Huelva 2018

A team of 19 technical officials from 14 countries is in charge of doing justice in the matches of the European Badminton Championships 2018. This team is under the direction of Carsten Koch, from Germany, João Miguel Lopes Fragoso, from Portugal and the Spanish Carmen Martínez Villanueva.

Martínez Villanueva, one of the references of international refereeing in badminton, has reported that each game has an umpire, who has control of it but also has the cooperation of a service judge, in charge of the service and of, at least, 4 line judges, depending on the category of the competition and the round. In the quarterfinals, starting on Friday, the line judges will increase to 6 or 10 per game, leaving all the court lines covered.

The technical officials of the European Championships shall have the official level from Badminton Europe (BEC)Lorenzo Moreno, one of the four participating Spanish technical officials, holds it and defines his role in the matches as "to control the reactions of the players, trying to predict those out of place in order to obtain a fair and competitive match".

Furthermore, this tournament is also being used to carry out an appraisal of some umpires, who are about to get their next grade with their performance in this competition.

Through a system of rotation, managed by the figure of the Match Control, the umpires are distributed among the different matches. The nationality of players and judges is taken into account for the distribution in favor of impartiality.

However, in the semifinals and the finals, the selection is different. The role played by the different umpires is valued in order to recognize the good work in the competition and to offer them an option to progress in their careers.

The European Badminton Championships is one of the top world competitions in which the new service control rule is being applied, which, as Lorenzo Moreno has explained, establishes the obligation to serve below 1.15 meters, instead of under the lower rib, as it has been until now. A new rule, which is controlled by the service judge through a metal bar that marks the height and which, in the words of Moreno, "is much more objective and equals the conditions for players without taking into account the height."

The task of the technical officials in badminton is not easy. It requires training, physical preparation and also a lot of concentration in some matches that, without reaching the levels of conflict of other sports, are not exempt from complaints, especially in the later stages.

The Spanish technical officials team at the European Badminton Championships is made up by the umpires Lorenzo MorenoAntonio CárdenasAmparo Rayó and the Deputy Referee Carmen Martínez Villanueva.

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