Close matches in the Round of 16 of the European Badminton Championships

Close matches in the Round of 16 of the European Badminton Championships

Today’s matches fill the expectations of the entire crowd that arrive at the Carolina Marín Spots Hall to cheer for the best players of Europe.

The current nº 1 Viktor Axelsen defeated a combative Sam Parsons, even though the English tried his best to create troubles for the Danish. Axelsen didn’t give any chances to Parsons as he started the second set with a 9-0 and ended it 21-9 after winning the first set 21-13.

Anders Antonsen showed why he’s one of the top players in the competition. In his match with Misha Zilberman, from Israel. After an excellent first set, Zilberman took the lead on the second set making the second seed to play the third set fully concentrated to success 21-15 19-21 21-10.

Brice Leverdez (France) displayed all his resources against the thought Raul Must, from Estonia. The fourth seed’s style was neutralized by his rival and had to focus to keep his possibilities of victory in both sets, which ended 21-16 21-16.

His compatriot Lucas Corvee, eight seed, could come back after an unconvincing start that cost him the first set 19-21, as he declares himself. However, the French was able to play his game and overwhelm his opponent Jacob Nilsson (Sweden) 21-9 21-14 in the following sets.

However, the greatest match of the day confronted sixth seed Mark Caljow against the Dane Jon O Jorgensen after they clashed in the 2018 Orleans Master. This time the victory was for Jorgensen, who showed his experience to get his chance to return to the final stages. He moved his opponent to the corners and displayed all his resources to achieve a meritorious 21-19 21-18.

In women’s singles, all the favorites shuttlers secured their presence in the next stage. The current champion Carolina Marín, the silver medal of last year Kirsty Gilmour and third seed Mia Blichfeldt finished their games giving no options to their opponents.

The Spaniard defeated Sabrina Jaquet, who reached the semifinals in 2017, showing that she wants to taste gold again. The result was 21-14 21-7.

Kirsty Gilmour didn’t want to miss the opportunity to make a comparison to Carolina, as she entered at the same time to the arena. The Scottish player showed all she’s capable of by winning 21-11 21-13 against Gayle Mahulette, from The Netherlands.

Mia Blichfeldt was the first of the top three seeds to compete, showing all her energy and technic to success in her match against Airi Mikkela, from Finland, 21-15 21-13.

Russian Eugeniya Kosetskaya faced some difficulties against Kristin Kuuba (Estonia), especially in the second set. The fourth seed’s frenetic style cost her unforced errors that kept her rival with possibilities in the game until final 21-13 22-20.

We could see an exciting and evenly men’s double game between Russian Vladimir Ivanov - Ivan Sozonov and Milosz Bochat - Adam Cwalina, from Poland. Both teams showed great skills in the first set, even though they made unforced errors due to their willingness to send the shuttle near the lines. However, when the match was 19-19, the Russian were able to take the last two points in a row. On the second set, the players from Russia showed a better concentration and defeated their opponents convincingly.

The Danish Mads Conrad Petersen and Mads Pieler Kolding had to make an effort to settle the first set against English Peter Briggs and Tom Wolfenden. Then they restored their confidence and settle the match 22-20 21-13.

We also witnessed an amazing match in which the Germans Jones Ralfy Jansen – Josche Zurwonne defeated Evgenij Dremin and Denis Grachev from Russia displaying an energetic game full of precise smashes.

There haven’t been surprises on this stage in women’s doubles, as all the seeds still have chances to obtain the medal and take advantage from the withdrawal of the still current champions Kamilla Rytter Juhl / Christinna Pedersen. Particularly impressive was the performance of the Stoeva sisters (Bulgaria), who overpowered Amanda Hogstrom and Clara Nistrad from Sweden 21-13 21-12

In mixed doubles, the German team formed by Mark Lamfuss – Isabel Herttrich, the fifth seed, had troubles defeating their opponents Niclas Nohr and Sarah Thygesen from Denmark, former silver medal in 2016. The winner had an easy first set in which they prevailed their game with strong shots to the corners. However, their opponents could take the lead in the second set slowing down the pace of the rallies and neutralizing the German’s game by the halftime. At the end, the German shuttlers could settle the victory 21-9 23-21 by boosting their pace even more than in the first set.

Finally, the crowd could enjoy the skillful performance of the Dutch Jacco Arends and Selena Piek, who made a statement in this competition by winning the first set giving only three points to their opponents, Milan Dratva and Martina Repiska from Russia. In the second set, they slow down their pace but still dominate the game, achieving a final score of 21-3 21-9.

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