We have thrilled to all the matches in the Carolina Marín Sports Hall

We have thrilled to all the matches in the Carolina Marín Sports Hall

Viktor Axelsen (Denmark) beated his mate Rasmus Gemke joined two of the seeds of the championship early in the afternoon. The match started with long rallies and open shots to both sides of the court, but Gemke couldn’t stand before the current nº 1 of the world. Axelsen won 21-11and 21-16.

Brice Leverdez (France) focused a bit later in his match against Nick Frasman, from the Netherlands, and he has to make an extra effort to compete the first set, even though he ended losing it 24-22. The second set was started with an energetic Leverdez, who make his quality count and demanded the best physical skill from his opponent to not to get much far in the score. Forcing the opponent with his drop, Leverdez won both sets 21-15 and secure the first men’s medal in French badminton history.

Rajiv Ouseph, third seed, didn’t play yesterday and was fresh enough to defeat Lucas Cover (8th seed) after losing the first set 21-16. The English finally succeeded 21-18 21-11 and will be in the semifinals.

Jan O Jorgensen (Denmark) passed directly to the next round as his partner at the national team - Anders Antonsen - anounced that he couldn’t play before their match.

Tomorrow, April 28th, the semifinals will be Axelsen vs Leverdez and Ouseph vs Jorgensen. The matches won’t start before 14 pm.
Local hero Carolina Marin overwhelmed her opponent in women’s individual and seventh seed, Danish Natalia Koch Rohde. The crowd was electrifying since the first point. Although she had some bad services, Marin wanted his opponent to be at the end of the court, also with net-drops and kills. She started the second set showing her power and reaching the interval with an impressive 11-3. She moved her opponent from side to side and finished her points smashing. Carolina settled the game 21-17 21-10.

Everyone was shocked when sixth seed Line Højmark Kjaersfeldt (Denmark) overtook Scottish Kirsty Gilmour, second seed, and earned a seat tomorrow at the semifinals. Højmark force Gilmour to miss some rallies. Gilmour, although she fought until the end, lost her match 21-14 21-16.

One of the most exciting set of the evening, and one of the longest in this tournament, was played by third seed Mia Blichfeldt (Denmark) and Yvonne Li (Germany), who displayed all her quality to take the match to an amazing 28-26. The crowd enjoyed this match and praise both competitors with a closed ovation. After this effort, Li couldn’t follow Blichfeldt’s pace and the Dane settle the match 21-12.

Russian Evgeniya Kosetskaya ended her match quickly against English Chloe Birch: 21-14 and 21-12.

Tomorrow Marín will face Blichfeldt and Kjaersfeldt will compete against Kosetskaya.

One of the best matches of the day joined Denmark and England. The third seeds in men’s doubles, Danes Kim Astrup and Anders Skaarup Rasmussen, may have been surprised to won an easy first set againts British team and fifth seeds Marcus Ellis and Chris Langridge (21-8). Nevertheless, Ellis and Langridge started the second set totally focused on his game and started to show a game full of quick smashes and tense defenses, winning the second set 22-20. They also started the third set at the same level but at the end the Danes could comeback with an amazing Astrup near the net and got their ticket to the semifinals, wining the set 21-16.

The match that faced the current 6th best pair of the world, the Danes Mads Conrad-Petersen & Mads Pieler Kolding and Mark Lamsfuss & Marvin Seidel, from Germany, was really disputed. The score turned to each team during the whole match, even with each team winning one set (13-21 21-15). However, the Danish team was succesfull in the final shots to earn his presence on the next stage.

Every women’s double were settled in two sets. French Emilie Lefel and Anne Tran defeated Russian Ekaterina Bolotova and Alina Davletova 21-18 21-11. Selena Piek and Cheryl Seinen bestes Lauren Smith and Sarah Walker the same way: 21-10 21-10. Danes Maiken Fruegaard and Sara Thygesen didn't give any option to Chloe Birch and Jessica Pugh. Also the Stoeva sisters overwhelmed Debora Jille and Imke Van der Aar.

The Adcock displayed all kind of styles against Russians Evgeniya Dremin - Evgeniya Dimova, and closed the match in two sets.
Mattias Christiansen and Christina Pedersen, second seed, had to sweat to settle the match in the second set. Although the won the first one 21-16, the French team formed by Ronan Labar and Audrey Fontaine tried to make a comeback and reached the interval ahead. However, they made son mistakes in defense that equalised the score and Pedersen ended it with a wonderful service.

One of the closest matches of the day was played by Germans Mark Lamfuss and Isabel Herttich and Dutchs Jacco Arends and Selena Piek. Germans won the match in three sets (19-21, 21-10, 21-16).

English Marcus Ellis and Lauren Smith celebrated a close first set (24-22) against combative Marvil Emil Seidel and Linda Efler (Germany), who paid the extra effort in the second set (21-13)


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