In semifinals met the best shuttlers of Europe trying to earn their golden tickets for the finals

In semifinals met the best shuttlers of Europe trying to earn their golden tickets for the finals

The evening started with a clash of champions. Current one Rajiv Ouseph has to display all he has to beat 2014 champion Jan O Jorgensen in three sets. Both players showed the same level at the beginning of the first set. Although Ousheph wasn’t quite precise in some rallies, he took the lead at the interval 11-8. Jorgensen could get close and even overtake Ouseph 15-12. Then, both competitors fought every point fiercely, but Ouseph got most of them and won the set 21-17.

The second set started at the same level, with a partial of 9-5 for the English. However, Jorgensen struck harder and reach the interval 11-10 behind. He kept this high level during the rest of the set and was able to win it 18-21. The third set was in a different way. Both competitors tried to exhaust each other playing long points, but the English champion imposed his quality and settled it 21-15.

Also the world nº 1 Viktor Axelsen faced French first medal in men’s individual history Brice Leverdez. However, the Danish didn’t give any option to Leverdez, as he used all his resources to stun him. Axelsen only conceded 7 points in the first set, that finished 21-7. Even more amazing was the start of the second set, which reached the interval 11-1. Leverdez only could keep his pride at the end, when he won some points in a row to finally surrender 21-9.

Local star Carolina Marín aim for her fourth consecutive European title in women’s individual after her victory against Mia Blichfeldt in two sets (21-17 21-16). A sold-out arena was involved cheering and supporting the Spanish shuttler.

 The Dane started the first set more confident than the current Champion, achieving a 9-4 partial that put the doubt in the crowd. Blichfeldt reached the interval ahead 11-7. Marín recovered and pushed her rival moving her through both sides of the court until making an equalizer shot 15-15. Then, Carolina displayed a full range of shots and smashes to settle the set 21-17.

 The second set was quite easier for the local, who controlled the pace until the end. With a dynamic and close-to-the-net style, she gained most of the points. When Marín had a quite difference (18-14), she moved the Dane to the diagonals and push her with offensive lobs and precise net-drops. She ended the match without troubles 21-16 in a wave of cheers from all her fans.

Evgeniya Kosetskaya will be Marín’s rival in tomorrow’s final. The Russian defeated Line Højmark Kjaersfeldt (Denmark) in two sets (21-10 21-14). The finalist played amazingly, especially in the first set, and earned her opportunity for the gold medal.

The Danes Mads Conrad-Petersen and Mads Pieler Kolding (second seed) defeated Russian Vladimir Ivanov and Ivan Sozonov (fourth seed) in a really equal match: 21-11 19-21 21-19.

The first set was settled easily by last year’s runner-ups. The second one showed one of the highest levels of the competition, even with a point that electrified the whole building. Conrad-Petersen saved a smash in the ground and returned 7 shuttles before standing again on his feet, although Russians got it 11-9. The match entered in an even stage due to a lack of coordination in the protection of the Russian’s middle. When the set reached 19-19, the Russians showed more concentration to take the match to the third set.

Both teams brought all they have to the court, taking each other to the ground multiple times. However, the Danes pushed a bit more in the end to settle the match 21-19.

Their compatriots Kim Astrup and Anders Skaarup Rasmussen didn’t have as many troubles, but they also had to fought hard to be able to face them tomorrow in the final. The Danes started the match overwhelmingly (7-1) and their opponents, Dutch Jelle Maas and Robin Tabeling, couldn’t get closer than four points behind during the rest of the set, ending 21-15.

The second one started just the opposite. Maas – Tabeling started with a fast 6-1 ahead, but the former champions of 2016 never get that far from then and achieve a meritorious equalizer 16-16. Then, they pushed themselves to the limits to settle the match 21-18.

In women’s doubles, Gabriela and Stefani Stoeva started their match against Danes Maiken Fruergaard and Sara Thygesen with a partial 6-0. They displayed a really tough defense that Fruegaard – Thygesen couldn’t break, then suddenly changing to a total offense. The first set ended 21-10.

However, The Danes didn’t quit in the second set. The Bulgarian team made some mistakes and Danes were ahead at the interval. The Stoeva sisters started to send shuttles to the center of the court trying to confuse their rivals. Points turned longer and finally ended 21-17 for the Bulgarians.

The longest match of the day (1:15) was played by Emilie Lefel and Anne Tran (sixth seed) and Dutch Selena Piek and Cheryl Seinen, fifth seed. The French team resisted after losing the first set and increased the intensity of the rallies to achieve a great 17-21 21-18 21-19.

Both matches in mixed doubles were fought to bits, showing the highest rivalry and level of all the teams.

One of the best matches has been played by current champions Chris and Gabrielle Adcock (England) and Mark Lamsfuss and Isabel Herttrich from Germany. In the first set, both teams showed the same level of concentration and an alternation in the score. However, Germans were ahead 13-8 at the middle of the set. Lamsfuss and Herttrich displayed a much offensive game, looking for smashes to the sides, and finally, they closed the set 21-15. The third set was absolutely thrilling for all the people in the arena. The German team led 10-2 through a tenacious game without mistakes. Nevertheless, the Adcocks Little by Little started to gain ground until they achieve a successful 17-17. In the last nerve-shredding points, the Adcocks finally won the match 25-23.

Their opponents were playing at the same time. The English Marcus Ellis and Lauren Smith inaugurated the score in the first set, but the Danes Mathias Christiansen and Christinna Pedersen couldn’t follow closer. Due to an amazing service, among other technical details, Danes settled the set 21-16. Although the English showed all their skills in the second set (21-19, the Danes gave no options in the definitive one and earned their seat in tomorrow’s final (21-12).


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