The Barcelona Spain Masters puts the city on the international map

The Barcelona Spain Masters puts the city on the international map

The Barcelona Spain Masters, as part of the HSBC BWF World Tour, will be in Barcelona from August 28th to September 2nd. The management of the Spanish Badminton Federation has allowed Spanish badminton to be included in the most prestigious tournaments in the world for the period 2018-2021, with a number of prizes that will go from $ 150,000 in 2018 to $ 200,000 at end of the cycle.

The determined commitment of the Catalan institutions; Ajuntament de Barcelona, Diputació de Barcelona and Generalitat de Catalunya, in a project that covers the 2018-2021 period, allows the construction of a medium-long-term project that includes sports, social and advertising aspects. Its eminent efficient character, backed also by the Spanish State with the cataloging of an event of special public interest for the period 2018-2020, unites intelligently the sport and social investment of the event based on an international projection of Barcelona.

The social-advertising binomial will allow, in the first place, to develop a base work with schools and social and cultural associations of Barcelona and Catalonia. Under common plans of Catalan and Spanish institutions, an increasing offer will be made over the years so that badminton is included as a full-fledged sport in sports promotion activities for different groups.

The other part of the binomial is the positioning of Barcelona in the international market based on the essence of cosmopolitan city that perfectly combines the tourism strategy under cultural and sporting principles. The advertising impact of the HSBC BWF World Tour in the international market will allow working on audiences of 500 million viewers and an estimated return of 25 million euros worldwide, thanks to the growing television demand reaching more than 60 countries, with Special attention to the Asian market.

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